Tuesday, November 16, 2004

TennCare A.K.A. HillaryCare

Advocates' concessions keep TennCare on table

I actually believed our state was going to take a step in the right direction by getting rid of this albatross known as TennCare off the taxpayers' necks. But getting people off the government teat isn't as easy as weaning a puppy. The article also mentions things like...

''All we're saying is you've got to comply with the Constitution,'' he (attorney Gorden Bonnyman) said.

Now, I've read the U.S. Constitution (the state Constitution also) and I can't recall running across anything about health care. They didn't clarify what he meant by this quote, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

For any readers in a state other than Tennessee who are wanting Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2008, you can look at TennCare to see what her health care plan looks like. It is based on her National Healthcare Plan from when Bill was in office. Our gov at the time, Ned McWorthless McWhorter, instituted her plan to replace Medicaid in Tennessee. It is now a $7.8 billion, yes that's a B, sinkhole in our budget. It was supposed to be managed care, but all the management companies do is write checks for any claim made. Even when generic drugs are available, they (TennCare recipients) still get the name brands. Why not? They're not paying for it. I am trying to find a source I saw a couple years ago that compared the average number of prescriptions for non-TennCare Tennesseans and TennCare recipients. It was a staggering difference. I will post it when I find it. There is also a lot of waste due to TennCare recipients going to emergency rooms, which is much more expensive than a doctor's office visit. Once again, why not? It doesn't cost them anything.

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