Thursday, March 24, 2005


Hey MediaPlay, just drop the "Computer Manuals" section of your book department. It's a joke. In fact, your whole book department is a joke. I stopped in last night looking for a project management book. I'm used to Borders, where the books are arranged by topic. So if I want a book on C#, I start in the programming section, find the C# section and all of the books on C# are right there together. So I start scanning titles looking for something about project management to get a starting point. There's "Absolute Beginner's Guide to VB.Net", next is a book on Photoshop, next is one on QuickBooks. I think, "these aren't grouped by subject, they must be in alpha order by author." Let's see, T, D, L, O; nope! Alpha by title? Not a chance. Publisher? Nyet. Color? Height? Number of pages? Price? Anything? Not a thing. They were in no discernable order. Now when I go to a used book store, I'm willing to browse through looking for that great find, or even at retail stores when they have their bargain table. But not when I'm going to pay full list price. They may have had the perfect project management book (although I doubt it, the entire section took up about 5 shelves that were maybe 10 feet long), but I'm not going to waste my time looking at every book in there.

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