Monday, November 15, 2004

OK Guns

OK law Allows Guns on Company Property

I don't live in OK, but this is an interesting story. The two sides of it conflict with my personal ideology. On one side, we have a company making rules on their private property and for their employees. On the other side, the people (employees) have a right to be armed. If they had a "disgruntled" employee, and that employee is bent on doing violence. The proximity of a gun isn't going to change that.

This is very similiar to the conundrum faced by those with state issued carry permits. It is against federal law to carry a handgun on federal property. If a person who is legally carrying a handgun needs to go to the post office, even if they leave the weapon in the car, they are still breaking federal law. If I were a Whirlpool employee, I would have to go with the philosophy a law enforcement officer told me when I posed the above "post office puzzle": "If no one sees it, is it really there?"

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